Crafted Notes: Handcrafted Home Decor Signs

Making Your Home Yours

Decorate your home with Crafted Notes, handcrafted home decor made by a husband and wife team. He does the frames and she does the art. Hope you find something for your home today!

Hand crafted at home

Ryan would live in his garage if it wasn’t for the fact that he needed the bathroom and he liked fishing. (Don’t worry, he likes his family, too.) He’s out there after the kid’s in bed, making cuts, sanding, staining, and finishing. Sometimes, he’ll play his favorite show River Monsters in the background.

Ceindy painting on acrylic

Hand lettered and painted

Ceindy is that girl who doodled on her notes and was asked to decorate binders for her friends. So naturally, she’s the artist who is drawing and painting the original art. You may have seen some of her doodles at local businesses like Lolly’s Creamery and Nest Kitchen and Taphouse. 

Coming soon

Arik, their seven-year-old son, thought it might be nice if they offered some custom items. So, we’ll be opening up a few special spots near the holidays. If you’d like to be the first to know about custom spots and specials, sign up for their newsletter to be on their VIP list.

The Nuñez Family

Nunez Family with Handmade Home Decor Signs

In our family, we are all homebodies. We know the importance of making a home feel homier.

We feel that the art in our home should not feel like pinterest, but our own. The handcrafted work we make is different because we are different and we love it.

Working together, we create special pieces that will hang in your home for many years to come. Home is where the heart is after all.