Our Process

Ryan cutting wood for crafted notes

Preparing the frames

After our trip to the hardware store or finding the best pieces from pallet woods, Ryan cuts the wood. For bonus points, he also cuts a gorgeous bevel on the frame.

Gluing the frames

Then it’s glue up time. The frame is glued and clamped and it’s gonna spend some time feeling allll snug in the clamp.

Making them presentable

After the pieces love on each other and stick together, it’s sanding time! After sanding, Ryan finishes the frame, either with stain, paint, poly, or a good ol’ burning.

The art

While all of this is happening, Ceindy is drawing and painting original ideas and letters on different surfaces.

crafted notes husband and wife working together

Finishing touches


Then it gets put all together! They are finished it with a hanger and pads to protect your wall.

"I want to make things of quality. I'm a big believer in handmade, tactile, crafted pieces. I want to keep that tradition alive."
Zac Posen

Interested in a handcrafted piece?